Patio: A shady spot in the garden
August 8, 2017 at 3:01 am 0
"I think we should get a Big Green Egg," I said "Not until we have a patio," he said "Cool! Let's build a patio then!" ... and off we drove to Stony Run in Spring City and purchased 38 tons of modified, screenings and stone slabs. It sounds sooooo straight forward in principle, but this project has been one of my more physically challenging ideas for the house ... and also rewarding. So far, we've built the top half of the patio where the outdoor dining will be (complete with homemade rustic reclaimed barn wood table and hipster patio lights). The bottom half of the patio will be the spot for chillaxing around the fire pit and taking in views of the surrounding park. Ironic how hard we work to make spaces to relax! (Click first image to launch the gallery)